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Don't let your software tie you up

Complicated, outdated, opaque software systems prevent your business from breaking free

Frustrated with software systems that are...

  • Difficult to operate and keep operating
  • Hard to understand how they work
  • Cause developers to spend time on infrastructure and not on features
  • Not well documented or understood
  • Dependent on key individuals
  • Aren't built to scale, perform, and meet security and compliance needs

We are architects that obsess about your software system so that you don't have to

System, not the people

We focus heavily on structured design processes and standardized documentation to make systems relevant, understandable, and transferrable to future teams.

Easy to understand and manage

We go heavy on the cloud - modern applications, robust infrastructure, managed services, observability - to make things clean, clear, repeatable, and easy to manage.

Committed & Experienced

We are your partner - a partner that has been in your shoes. We are committed to your and your team's success. Sometimes that means long days and late nights.

"Great job on this project. You guys were flexible, planful, and responsive. I appreciate it."

Dr. Larry Kuhn

President, Prepare To Change, Inc.
Costa Coffee
Salient Systems
Boston Scientific
Change Healthcare
Potrero Medical
Piccolo Medical

How SevenPico works

Evaluate the Situation

We walk you through a short interview process to understand your pains and possible root causes. We focus on the problem.

Architect a Solution

We run a structured design project to architect a solution to the problem that considers the real-world constraints. We produce a detailed project plan with scope constraints and timelines.

Help Build and Operate

We can help you build the solution, either working with your existing team or providing on of our own. We can also help you operate and maintain the system, for as long as you need.

We know you want to be a successful product leader. In order to do that you need software systems that are responsive to your customer needs, easy to maintain, reliable, and easy to operate. Unfortunately many systems - particularly those built under time and budget constraints - aren’t designed for those needs. It seems like your development team is always fighting fires - wasting time in AWS, trying to figure out where an error is coming from, fixing a broken deployment, and so on. We understand the challenges and the frustrations - we’ve been there as product leaders and entrepreneurs ourselves. This is why we do what we do - we help product leaders architect software systems that are easier to understand, extend, and control.

Our approach is simple: 1) architect and document the solution up-front with a clear set of focused business objectives in mind, 2) leverage everything we can from managed services, public cloud, and open source in our designs to maximize use of standards and familiar software and applications, and 3) make sure the system is easy to operate and maintain, often by running it ourselves for as long as our customers desire.

Why wait? Start today with a free consultation. You wouldn't build a house or an office building without an architect, so why wouldn't you do the same for the systems your company depends on? Let us worry about your software while you focus on growing your business.